Wright's Farm

A bit of a side excursion in OO scale. Here are some progress photos of Wright's farm. I purchased some Townstreet kits some years ago and have repainted them for this diorama. This time I used Winton oil paints in an attempt to match local Derbyshire stone colouring. The main yard and stone walls have been created using Das modelling clay.

Farm building is a Townstreet kit painted with Winton oil paints.
Farm buildings are Townstreet kits painted with Winton oil paints. Stone walls are made using Das modelling clay.
The uncompleted area behind the farm building will feature more accommodation, a clothes line and so on. The upper right area is reserved for a scratchbuilt barn.
Cobblestones (Setts) are made using Das modelling clay, washed with a dilute ink then painted with Winton oils and finally weathering powders.
The 'stamp while damp' approach.

I have seen some very effective results by skilled modellers scribing stonework on dried or cured Das. I have tried this but find it is rather time consuming and my scribing skills are, shall we say, average. I thought about this issue and decided to try stamping the Das while it was still damp. There being little really new in the modelling world I want to at this point acknowledge the fine work of Iain Robinson for setting me on the path to this method. Iain describes in his inspirational blog making a styrene stamper and confesses to 'stealing' that idea from Allan Downes. In the same spirit of sharing I offer my variation, which is simply to make a series of individual stamps from suitable pieces of brass, as shown below. The crude handles are made from Milliput. The cork is mainly used to protect the end of scalpels. I used it in this case to allow positioning of the end of the stamp for the photo, not because I have been drinking bubbly. At least not today. :)

A spare piece of hard, thin plastic was cut to the shape of the yard and was covered with a thin smear of Weldbond. I'm sure any decent wood glue would do. I use Weldbond as I am familiar with its properties and it gives good results. A thin layer of Das modelling clay was pressed flat to the required thickness on the glue covered sheet. The glue bonds the Das to the plastic base.

While the clay was still damp I pressed each sett (or cobblestone) using the brass stamp, one sett at a time. I wanted to have a look that was not strictly regular and doing it by hand achieves that. It doesn't take all that long and mistakes can be rectified easily enough before the Das dries.

Once dry I gave it an ink wash and when that was dry used Winton oil paints to shade it. When the oil paint was fully dry I used Mig weathering powders, mainly towards some of the edges.

Digger's Place

This is a scratch built O scale house build to suit the area of Britannia Creek. Made from basswood, rusted aluminum foil for the roofing and painted Tichy and Rusty Stumps windows and doors.

Freight Depot

Here are some photos of the Britannia Creek version of the excellent Rusty Stumps Freight Depot. Being an Australian themed layout, we needed to ‘Australianise’ the build using corrugated iron instead of shingles.

Trestle Bridge

April 2007 - This is a scratch built trestle bridge after the style of those built in the Yarra Valley.July 2008: One of my photos can be seen in the DVD of Alan Rockett's layout. Here is a photo with sky added in using Photoshop CS3.

Mine Complex

Here are some photos of the gold mine built in 2006 from an American Model Builders Martinsburg Mine kit number 488 as the starting point with some enhancements such as interior details, alternate roofing and windows.

On30 Locomotives

On30 Climax
The Bachmann Climax purchased in 2005 now has a Soundtraxx model 820062 DSD-B2TCLC, specific for the On3 Climax fitted. This Soundtraxx decoder came with specific fitting instructions for the Climax. The Climax is a good and steady runner and is highly recommended. 

On30 Bachmann Shay
In May 2004 we obtained a Bachmann On30 Shay. Here it is following the application of Britannia Creek Logging Company name, some light weathering and with the sound decoder fitted.

Works Train (in HO scale)

Update: The HO Scale works train carriages now have a new home in Colorado, USA. The Bachmann 3-truck Shay has a new home in Great Britain.

Here are photos of the Britannia Creek Work Train in HO scale taken in 2004. The Britannia Creek work train consisted of a Bachmann 3-truck Shay and the HO scale Backwoods work train kit from Sierra West Scale Models. These cars were built over the 2003-2004 holiday period. It is fair to say these models are best as static displays as their weight and centre of gravity is not ideal for running.

This photo of the entire set is taken with a real life background. 

Here are various elements of the Britannia Creek Work Train.
The water tank
The sand car
The oil car 
The pipe and scrap wagon
Here is one of the slab cars
A second short slab car
The long and short wood cars 
The tool repair car
The blacksmith car
The gravel car
The box car
The ‘caboose’